Presentation Companion for Microsoft Office 2010 Mobile?


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Does anyone have (or know where I can download) the Presentation Companion add-in for Microsoft Windows that enabled users to, in Microsoft's own words, "use Microsoft Office PowerPoint® Mobile on your Windows® phone to control a PowerPoint presentation on your laptop"?

The Presentation Companion effectively replaced... the Office PowerPoint Remote Windows SideShow gadget for Windows Vista... and was notably compatible with both Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, as well as Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Presentation Companion was available in x86 and x64 variants (original filenames were respectively PresentationCompanion_x86_en.exe and PresentationCompanion_x64_en.exe). Direct download links include:
However, these links are no longer operational; searches for these filenames on the Internet return no results.


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Hello again Blaidd. It seems like we might have a forum rule against posting links to third-party downloads of Microsoft products (or at the very least, it has long been frowned upon); but if you google "microsoft presentation companion 1.0 beta brothersoft" you just might find a download. At first I was reluctant to suggest a beta, but a 2009 spiceworks thread Review of the new Office Mobile 2010 BETA (scroll down to Nov. 20) indicates that at least one person was very pleased with it.