Printer and printer service issue

Hi all. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I did not see a dedicated printer sub-forum, and I didn't see a search link either. Why no search?

Anyway, I have Vista Ult 64 SP1 on one or my machines. I have an HP Photosmart printer, and it works fine. Here are two things I have Qs about:

1) I do not see the printer in the D.M. Shouldn't it be there?

2) When I boot the computer, spoolsv.exe is running (as it should be) but the mem usage is very high - almost 11,000k. If I go to services.msc, switch the service to disabled, stop the service, switch it back to auto and then start it, the spoolsv.exe mem usage is at 1,200k. When I reboot, the mem usage reverts back to 11,000k. There are no jobs in the print que (that I can see), so I am wondering why it is so high when I boot.

Thanks in advance.


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11 MB is not a lot. Chances are when you start it manually the OS assigns a smaller working set. There's an OS function EmptyWorkingSet() I use in some of my programs that sit in the tray(so they are running all the time.) If the program is idle or sometimes when I first start it, I'll call EmptyWorkingSet() to dump the unneeded memory for that process. But as soon as it does something, the OS will give the memory back. I wouldn't worry about it unless it was some outrageous amount like 50 MB.


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The memory usage of processes in Windows (or any modern OS for that matter) is highly dynamic. The usage of some processes might vary by a factor of 100 or even more in some situations. It depends on what the process is doing and numerous other factors. At bootup the memory manager will generally allow a process to use pretty much whatever memory it wants. Many processes will use quite a lot of memory when they start. But later on if the process isn't doing much or memory is needed for other purposes this usage will be trimmed back, drastically if necessary.

11 MB memory usage really isn't much by modern standards. Many processes will use far more than that when they start.

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