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Printing problems with multiple printers


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I am having a problem printing with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. This is a new install, fully updated, on a new computer. I have tried multiple printers and the same problem occurs. The drivers install fine and the printer shows up fine. When trying to print a test page, the print job goes to the printer queue, but it never prints.

The first printer I tried was an HP Photosmart 8250, which had this problem. Then I bought a Canon MX860 and the same problem occurs. I have seen other people with this problem, but no one has a solution. For example, see: Hp Photosmart 8250 won't print

I have tried all of the normal things: uninstalling/installing/updating drivers, deleting/reinstalling the printer, etc. I've started/restarted the print spooling service. I've also tried setting the printers to bypass the spooler. I went through both HP and Canon's tech support with no results. It is not a communication issue because the Canon scans fine. In addition, on both printers you can perform maintenance functions (e.g. head cleaning) and those work fine. The printers work fine on a different Windows XP computer.

There is clearly something in Vista that is preventing these jobs from being printed. However there are no error messages, and there are no related entries in Event Viewer. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here?


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