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Problem accessing hotmail, ISP mail and Outlook 2007


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I have cable, voice/phone and internet with Comcast. Do not know if I need to post three different threads or if they are connected or what. I have a Vista Business Pro 6.0 desktop computer. 2 gig ram. When I click on ie on desktop it takes me to my homepage of www.comcast.net. I stay logged in but email indicator was not working. Clicked on mail button and got error box: "you are not logged in as administrator on this computer. Try logging out and back in." I rebooted and still didn't work. Contacted Comcast and they said to not make them my homepage and put link in address bar instead. I put www.msn.com as my homepage. When it went to that, the whole page froze! Did task manager and shut it down. It keeps happening. Now, I cannot check either comcast or hotmail email!

So, I changed my homepage to yahoo.com. I can check mail there but still cannot at comcast or hotmail! Hotmail still freezes! I have cleared cache and cookies dailly. I also since got sp2 for Microsoft Office 2007, cannot get Outlook Express to work. Get error box stating: "cannot open outlook." I have gone into accounts for can open it up from start-programs-and my comcast addy is there. But, I cannot open it up if I click a link to email. Get the error message. What do I do about hotmail mail, which I've had since 1998 and outlook? Should I uninstall sp2 for microsoft office? It worked before the upgrade. Thanks.

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