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Problem Regarding Access Denide in Pictures after reinstallation of Vista

hi ,
My name s mayur, i got the problem when i open my data of photos ,
actuly i have a sony vaio laptop there and i m a photographer so usualy i saved my data in drive my vista was slove so i upgraded mwan formate c drive and install windows 7 in it then when i cheack my picture data in f drive i cant able to see the thuumbs when i open it in windows picture viewer it telling me that i dnt have permission to access it
i changed my user to administrator - not worked
i changed security setting and give full controll to user - not work
i changed owner ship - not work
i reinstalled vista - not worked
i am a hardware engineer also so can some one tell me what will be the reson actualy when i cheak the folder propertese there is some user(s16561613) with red qustion mark under the authenticated user
my laptop had a genuien windows and now i installed the windows is not genuine and i dnt have the original windows .
so is this problem related to licence......or is the problem releted to security somebody plz help me out......

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I think that if you use the hidden administrator, you may be able to access the pics.
http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorial...t-enable-disable.html?filter[2]=User Accounts
Regarding the authenticated Seven, you must use a valid key number to activate.
You can activate after installation by phone if there is a problem
If you activate by phone and there is a problem a technician will come on the line to help.
If the problem is not resolved, please visit our Seven Forum for the best help with Seven

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hi richc46
acualy i activated the hidden administrator and also i tried to attache my harddisk n the genuien windows bt whenever i open the picture it says '' you cant have permission to access it'' thow i am an administrator and i have fll cotrol and i can not able to move the folder and can not able to copy paste it

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