Problems Exporting from Windows Mail to Outlook 2003


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I formerly used Outlook Express as my e-mail client and intend to use Outlook 2003 on my new Vista x64 machine. I was unable to get Outlook to directly import the .dbx files from before so I imported them into Windows Mail. And now I'm having trouble:

When I attempt to Export from Windows Mail to Outlook, I get an error message - "The export could not be performed. An error occurred while initializing MAPI."

I have Googled this error message and all solutions I've come across are a variation of "You need to install Outlook". Well, I *HAVE* Outlook 2003 installed - and it still won't work. I even did a reinstall of Office 2003 to try and correct the problem - nope.

Anybody have any ideas?


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I am having the exact same problem with Vista 64 having both Windows Mail and Outlook 2003 installed.

Answers include...

Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033 and rename MSMAPI32.dll to MSMAPI32.OLD and restart Outlook.


Go to c:\windows\system32\Mapi32.dll and rename it to mapi32.old and after that run Fixmapi.exe from c:\windows\system32

Neither of which work.

I'm beginning to think that Windows Mail export does not work with Vista 64 at all as there is not one answer to this actual problem :(

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