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Hi all,
I have an issue with Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
When I attempt to transfer files from a DVD to an installed hard drive I'm having many issues.

First if it is a large physical amount of files, say 3 gigs, as they are moved Explorer gets slower and slower until it eventually just stops.

Second this is more pronounced with .exe files and I start to get error messages that the file can not be read. This is of course false. I have confirmed that the .exe files are intact and not corrupt and that there are no issues with the DVD on other machines.

I believe this is only happening on DVD's with .exe files on them. Am I missing a setting somehow in relationship to Explorer? Some .exe files move OK but almost none do. In fact eventually Explorer just stops responding. I Get no pop-up warnings of any kind other than the occasional message that Explorer can not read a specific file. There is however nothing wrong with the file as I've tested on another system.

I have Vista 32 bit on my laptop with a wimpy Centrino duo and it is way faster than Vista 64 bit on my new i7 machine. Software runs far faster of course but Explorer is maddening it is so slow. These are not huge files over 1gig but instead a lot of small files.

I get some slowdown when moving from one hard drive to another but nothing like this.

Slow I can live with but I can't even complete a transfer of files from a DVD to the hard drive. About a third or around 1gig transfers before the issue gets really bad. Then it won't even let me move the small files one at a time.

i7 2.67 Processor
12 gigs DDR3 RAM three channel mode
SP2 version of Vista

If I have not thoroughly confused everyone, anyone know a sollution or can suggest where to start looking for the problem?

All driver's and bio's updated and double checked. No Malware or spyware. No other issues at all that I'm aware of. I even hooked up an external DVD burner to make sure it was not hardware related and no joy. The issue is with Explorer.

How can Explorer be seemingly incompatible with its own OS?:shock:

I should have mentioned that I Can actually run the .exe files from the DVD without any problems even though its being reported Explorer can not read the file.
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Hi and thanks for the reply.

It is a new computer and this is the first time I've needed to move files from a DVD to a hard drive. I can generally figure problems out but this one has me stumped.

I've tried disabling shell extensions and found nothing related there. It is really strange.

When I open Explorer what happens is the list immediately populates and then the first hundred or so icons appear with it set to show list view. Then the rest of the icons never appear. I can move about a fourth of the files and then it just freezes up. It is not using excessive RAM or anything I can see. Explorer just stops working.

I have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled which does nothing to help. I can launch the exe files from the disk and they work fine. The odd thing is a couple of times I started getting messages that each file could not be read.

I've verified there is nothing wrong with the DVD by testing on two other systems.

The problem seems to be clearly with Explorer in Vista 64. This does not appear to be a known issue with this system from what I can find.

I can put a DVD that has fewer files on it and they can be moved without issue. It appears that when facing a full DVD Explorer just fails.

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In addition to everything Garysgold said...

The problem is odd and specific to your machine, or just a few machines that run a similar combination of software and hardware. That's not meant to be a slur on the good name of your machine, but instead an indication that the cause is "environmental".

It would be most interesting to see whether it still happens when the machine is booted to safe mode.

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