problems netwroking vsita xp n 2k


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recently i built a network wiht 2 vist pc's and one xp cd's all machines coudl see each other an dplay videos/music off one another. I added a win 2k machine to the mix and now eevrythign seeme to have gone haywire when the machines can see each other (using the \\computername\share or even jsut the \\computername) which is rare i attempt to play a video and either it tells me it can't find the file or will play a few mins of it and then stop saying the file can't be found or was removed. the network is also being fussy on exsiting shares i had set up i.e. i had a drive set up to share and one of the files on the shared drive was dora now i had to go into the shared drive and share that folder for the network to let me in and use the share i don't understand why this is happened all of a sudden all mahines have access to the web and have no problems there but speakign to each other properly they won't do it since the new addition any suggestions woudl be hel;pfull

vista machine 1 = amd 64 bit 200 gig hd 512 ram onboard nic
vista machine 2 = dell celleron 100 gig hd 512 ram on board nic
xp machine -= compaq p2 450 5 ggi hd 160 mb ram pci nic
2k machine = compaq p2 450 4 gig hd 64mb ram pci nic
speedstreem 6520 dsl/wireless 4 port router