Problems with displaying chinese traditional characters on Itunes.


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I just bought a new desktop yesterday and has just transferred most of my music and photos from my existing laptop to my new desktop. however i realized that most of my chinese songs wouldn't display correctly once transferred to vista (from xp system).
Can someone please let me know if they have the same problem in itunes and advice on how to fix the problem (instead of renaming each song manually)

thank you very much in advance :D

for your reference: (some displays correctly some doesn't, why?)

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  1. Open iTunes.
  2. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
  3. Select the General tab.
  4. From the Language pop-up menu (in the lower section of the window), choose your desired language.


  1. Click OK.
  2. Quit and reopen iTunes; you must do this for your new language setting to take effect.
After following these steps, iTunes will display in the language that you chose, but the iTunes Store will still use whatever language it is set on. If you'd like to change that as well, continue with the steps below.
Changing your language setting in the iTunes Store


  • Content on the iTunes Store (such as album names and movie names) will still display in its original language; it is mostly the navigation tabs within the iTunes Store window which will be affected by changing the language.
  • Your country's iTunes Store may not have the language available that you just enabled in iTunes (in the first section of this article). See the table below to determine which languages are available for your country.
    • If the table does have the language, you can apply that language to the iTunes Store by following the steps below.
    • If the table doesn't have the language, you cannot have the iTunes Store displayed in that language.

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