Question about Server 2008 (same issues as Vista) and mp3


The problem i am having is this...The Server 2008 installed fine on my little home server here. Runs smooth. However when i try to play MP3s on it it will run but if i start doing anything else next thing i know my cpu usage spikes to 100 and the song slows down and gets all choppy. Just opening media player sets my cpu usage at 15 percent doing nothing. This happens using the onboard sound and it happens if disable it in the bios and use the audigy.

Question i have is anyone have an answer to this? I would like to play music under Server 2k8 if anyone can figure this out. I know that vista has issues with nforce 2 but i never did know what the exact issue was that prevented nvidia from releasing the driver for it.

Im thinking there is some sort of issue with how the resources are handled with this Athlon XP cpu on this chipset. However i have read where others have had no issues at all using Vista on their nforce 2's. Either they are lying or they know some trick. The vista trick should work on server 2008 as well.

What i have done trying to solve the problem. Keep in mind i did this AFTER i found the problem so its not causing it:
Installed XP drivers for the memory controllers, Gart, and IDE
Used a Sound Blaster Audigy
Tried to force XP amd driver but failed.

The system its running on:
Asus A7N8X Deluxe
Amd Athlon XP 3000+
eVGa 6600GT AGP
1GB of ram
Audigy sound card
120gb WD HD using PATA

Anyone think that using a Pentium 4 2.4 to 3ghz cpu would do any better? I might be able to find an AGP DDR1 board that will run a Pentium 4 cpu. Would save me money on having to buy new ram and a new card. Plus i think intel has drivers for their older P4 socket 478 boards.