Quick Blue flash,Vista wont boot.

Hello everybody.

Today i finished downloading a game on stea m, but when i started it and wanted to play online it froze and didnt respond giving me no other option than re-booting.

(I have a dual boot with Ubuntu that never caused me touble) Then i selected Vista from the OS selection screen i came across with the typical "Windows could not start..." so i ignored and selected "Start Windows Normally" after the loading bar finished loading suddenly happened with SUPER fast blue flash,at that point i was like,oh no...

It automaticly rebooted so i followed the same procedure hoping itll start notmally but i had the same result,so in the "Windows could not start" screen i selected "Start last succesful configuration" and the same thing happened,i selected Safe Mode and same results,it was the same with Safe Mode with console.

The thing is that when i bought my HP computer on 2007 it never came with a Vista installation CD niether with the recovery one,it only came with a partition.4 months ago i took my PC to a technician because i wrongly installed Ubuntu LInux so he made the partition but COMPLETELY erased the Windows Recovery Partition so thats not an option,but he charged me around $80(I live at Mexico if you want a job like this "well done" you have to pay that amount)

Also yesterday i removed Norton Anti-virus because i heard it uses too much CPU so when it asked me if i wanted to delete all quarentine files(including sys32) and i clicked in yes.I downloaded and installed AVG and ran a scan on System32,RECYCLE BIN,and some personal folders.

Also My CD burner does not work in any away its totally broken so thats not an option.
Also my computer has been behaving really slow from 3 or 4 weeks ago.

I would like to know what can i do and what exactly is happening,im totally mind-blocked and freaked out cause this is the family computer and they dont know how to use Ubuntu.

I downloaded a Vista Recovery ISO and burnt it to an USB stick but when i booted it said something about no Partition Tables or something weird like that.

I would like to know what would be the procedure if i can fix it or ill have to spend anothar $80(Well my parents wont spend that again in a long time)

Thanks silentrock.
I downloaded the ISO from that exact page,but my CD/DVD burner is completely broken,so i tried to unzip it to the USB stick as i dont know how to burn ISOs and to a USB in UBuntu Linux(i know...fail...)But it resulted in a black screen with white letters saying something about partition tables when i tried to boot from USB stick.

Another question would be,is it possible to burn this ISO to a USB stick correctly and make it bootable and making this whole process possible?

God,i hate and love windows at the same time...

Preinstalled,with a recovery partition that got deleted because the dude was stupid,so i have a Recovery ISO and i dont know if itll


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Quote from our Tutorial
This can be useful if you only have a OEM Vista recovery DVD or partition and would like to have a dvd to boot from to repair your Vista instead of reinstalling it. Plus, the recovery disk files are small enough to fit on a CD if you do not want to or can use a DVD.
I burned the Recovery ISO to a USB as my PC CANT read any CDs/DVDs but i get "No bootable partitions in table" as i said before i have UBuntu linux in a partition. :)


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I assume that you read my last post.
This is what remains to be done.
The normal way to restore is from the restore partition, which has been deleted.
The other way is to access the System Repair Option, via the recovery cd
If you cannot do either reinstalling is the only remaining method.
Yes, i did,but my PC has a Booting Device selection screen,i just press ESC and it takes me to a screen to select the booting device.

I have an HP that came with this,i dont think that i shall change the boot priority if i can directly select the USB stick ill be booting from.

When i try to boot from the USB stick it says "No bootable partitions in table..." I have the recovery disk in this USB, and i would like to know if i would have the same result if i boot from a CD if i get an external.

Thanks :P


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I do not know what will happen, I just know what should happen. With either the DVD or the USB stick you should be able to reach what is shown as step number 6. If it does not work with the stick I cannot guarantee it will work with the DVD, both methods are suppose to take you to a partition in the computer (which may be deleted in your case).

Bottom line, I am not there, but if I understand what you are saying, I think we are talking a reinstall. If that is necessary you can get a windows 7 upgrade for about $125 US Dollars. If you have the OEM key that came with the computer and you can get an replacement from the company that sold the computer (for cost), that is another possiblity.
I heard that unactivated copies of Vista installation CD are legal,as i have my license key.

Is that true? if so i can get a copy and boot from it and just put my key right?


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You can get any CD that you want, as long as it is the same Edition, eg Vista HP.
The cd does not know if it is activated or not. You install , then put the key, If MS feels that the key is used, no install. If MS feels the key is good it will install.

But a twist
Look at your key number, does it say OEM in between all those number and letters. If you came preinstalled it is an OEM key.

You get a DVD try to install, but have an OEM key, there may be problems.
Your DVD has to be exactly the way your computer was the day you brought it home
SP1 or 2 etc. You are suppose to use the reinstall partition, but by your admission, that is gone.
Yes it says Windows Vista Home Premium OEMAct HP

Umm so techically,one way or another im screwed up and ill have to spend anther $80?

So what im understanding is that my license key wont be validated because it was used in the Vista that got screwed,right?


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NO, you can call the company that sold you the computer and ask for a reinstall DVD for cost, about $25.00
With my Dell I have a DVD and restore partition.
You had just the reinstall partition, which that clown deleted.
well,ill make some moves this noon with the recovery disk on the USB and prey to god so it works.
If that doesnt work ill call HP Mexico and ask if they have that service,if not im taking to the clown and spend anotehr $80.

Thanks richc46,ill re-post in this thread if i come across with something that i might need help with.


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Please let us know.

In my opinion HP has done nothing wrong, they gave you a way to install if there are problems. The tech guy screwed you. He should make good for it. Have him get a DVD and reinstall.
Not in Mexico :P i could tell him to get me the reinstall DVD but he will probably charge me the double or invent something to charge me more,i can call HP and tell them :) Thanks rich,keep the good work :) i already gave you some Rep :)