RandomUser login/Folder created in the form of User.ComputerName - cannot login to it


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My client used their computer on 11/9 and upon returning to office 3 days later (computer had been left on, I think), the ususal username login took them to a brand new desktop with no files in the user folders. It's as if a new user had been created without their knowledge.

I am remotely accessing their machine to solve the issue and am stumped. Trying to do research and as much solving as possible remotely before actually going to client's home to fix things.

I see 3 folders under Users folder, BEARMAIN-PC is the network name for their computer, Bear is the username:
  • TEMP.BEARMAIN-PC modified date 11/12/15
  • bear.BEARMAIN-PC modified date 10/26/15
  • bear modified date 10/13/15

It appears that upon windows login to the only defined user called "Bear" on login screen, I am using the TEMP.client-PC folder of user files.

"bear.BEARMAIN-PC" has the most recently worked on files, with most recent edit date of 11/9/15, and the
"bear" folders have dates of 10/26/15.

I have no idea what happened here in clients absence (left town on 10th), the only thing that might've been running is Carbonite backups to a locally attached external drive, Dropbox, and my remote access program. In effect, I have a duplicate of everything on hard drive filling it up to all but 5GB, though the "bear.BEARMAIN-PC" is a larger size and more current file dates so I'll assume that's the one I want to keep.

This temp login does not have access to all programs (like Carbonite or Dropbox) so I can't open Carbonite and see if something ran. I hesitate to run any programs from that TEMP login, don't want to create more data files. I am able to get into Control Panel users and there is only the Bear user and guest and a Quickbooks Data Service user.

HELP!! :confused:
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