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readyboost every time i reboot it turn off by itself!!!

hi, a am new in readyboost technology, and i wanna to ask, it is normal that readyboost every time that you reboot it turns offs and you need to go to the properties of the device and turn it on again? please reply if its a normal behavior of vista or not, thanks!!!

My Computer

System One

  • CPU
    intel pentium 4 3.00-3.00 ghz
    asrock 775VM800
    markvision ddr333 2 gbs (2 modules of 1 gbs every module)
    Graphics Card(s)
    nvidia geforce 6200
    Hard Drives
    1:unknown manufacturer, 160 gbs-ntfs uncompressed
    2:unknown manufacturer, 80 gbs-ntfs compressed

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