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Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing


I don't know if you will be able to help me but I will try and explain my problem. Please bear with me and I will try and put it as clearly as I can.

I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi1505 laptop with Windows Vista 32 bit home premium installed.

When I got the laptop there was an icon in the system tray near to the clock which when you clicked on it opened up a nice looking graphic from which you could alter the realtek sound settings and choose things such as concert speech room etc. It had graphics depicting speakers and other things.

I have now found an image of it on the web at : http://www.mydigitallife.info/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/realtek-hd-audio.jpg

It is/was called the Realtek HD Audio Manager

That has now completely disappeared and I cannot seem to get it back or find it anywhere on my computer.

It made making adjustments to the sound settings so much easier and I miss not having it.

Is there anyway to restore it back so that I can alter my sound settings more easily

I do hope I am making sense with this??

Look forward to hearing from you
Hi well if it is still on the system you will see it in the control panel. If not check in add remove programs to see if it's there, if it is there maybe it got disabled from startup. Go to start where is says start search type in msconfig and push enter, next choose the startup tab do you see it listed there if so and there is no check mark beside it put a check mark and reboot it will then start.

No its definitely not there anymore I think somehow I must have deleted it.

What are my options now. I only want the manager not the programme as that is clearly still there

Hang on Hammey - appologies it is there in the control pannel -well done thanks for that.

Now I will try and get it in a position to use again

I may be back in a min for more advice lol
To get the Audio manager back, download the Audio Driver from your computer manufacterer for your specific model.

You could also run "msconfig" to see if "HD Audio Control Panel", is in the startup list and enabled.

Only download from realtek's website, as a last resort.
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Ok Its definitely still on the computer and listed in control pannel

How do I get it to load up and sit in the system tray from now on.

Its not an option in the start up tab that Hammy mentions
Go to Vista's control panel, and launch the "Realtek HD Audio Manager".

Then click the " i " in the bottom right-hand side (i = info, or about), and click the circle that says, "Display icon in notification area".

Thanks a lot that worked

Thanks for all the replies

Have been without that little widget for more than 2 years so real pleased to have it back