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Rebuilding Vista Registry.

Hi, Could someone take their rime write us a tutorial on two topics?
How to Rebuild a registry, and Backup and restore from DOS. For Vista.
Im sure many could use this.
All i found on google was that the reg is stored in System.dat And User.dat but it doesnt say what OS Version(s).
Hi, I'm having a major issue with the registry in Vista 64. I ran a reg clean tool (thats supposed to be 64 bit. I think I had the wrong version after the fact) on my system and when it rebooted, I got the BSOD and now I can't get back in. Safe mode doesn't work, boot to last known good configuration, etc.. I can boot from the install CD and get to a dos prompt. System restore doesn't work from the cd either because it can't find anything to restore. Is there a way to rebuild the registry from a DOS prompt in Vista 64? I've done this in the past with Windows 95 or 98, can't remember which one but I did it.



Staff member
Hello Ghendric, and welcome to Vista Forums.

If you do not have any System Restore points available, then the only option is to do a clean reinstall of Vista to fix this. :(

Cr@p.. I was afraid of that. I have dual boot going here too. I have XP on one drive and Vista x64 on another drive. Will reinstalling Vista mess up my dual boot?