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Reinstalling Vista 32 over SEVEN 64

Hi there! first of all.. i´m a noob, about a month ago my dad got a Dell Laptop with windows 7 64 bit, i took the cd (original, it came with the laptop) and installed on my computer, I was running Vista 32 bit, it all worked well but then Microsoft started sending my the notice that my windows seven is not original.. I think it is because it was first installed on mi dad´s laptop and already registered.. so I want to return to My old Vista home premium 32 bit OS but every time i try to install it it send my a notice of some files missing with the error code 0x080070017... so far I tried to boot from the CD/DVD also entering my boot system and changed my HDD configuration to ATA (I read in other post that it may help... but I find no difference) and i just don´t now what else to do, I´m assuming that it is all because of the registry!!!!!! can someone help me with this?

by the way sorry for the bad english!

My laptop is a DellStudio
Intel core 2 duo 2.00 GHZ
4 Gb RAM
Mobil intel 965 chipset family (video)
if you need more info let me know!! oplease im starting to get very desperate


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First no mad faces. Just happy faces, we will get this to work
What kind of DVD, upgrade or full retail?
sorry! well the ones that appear in the tutorial:

setting the boot order for cd/DVD firts pressing the space bar for the "press any key..." comand

the in the language menu press and hold shift and then press F10 to open the comand window

the second one is select the language and in the install windows select the repair option, then select the OS to repair and select for the tools list the option of comand window and it didnt worked

there where only to sorry


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OK, I thought that I could solve the problem. That error code in first post means that the computer cannot read the DVD. Usually means defective DVD or defective DVD drive. USUSALLY
:/ it is wierd, cuz before installing windows 7 I used my Vista disk about 3 times for Re installing my OS and it worked perfectly fine! just now it shows that :S


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Things break, I suggest if you have a friend, with the same OS and bit, borrow a CD and see if it works.
Right now, if you have any other bootable DVD, see if the drive works
Ive checked the DVD it has a huge scratch but ut looks like it was done with my on laptop i checked another OS disk the one of my brothers laptop! and I couldnt make it!
Well Thanks anyways! it was usefull and more knowledge is better :d I´ll try tomorrow cuz i still ave homowork to do :/

Once again! thanks for the time and the advice