Solved Remote desktop fails to connect.

Frank C

My remote desktop, which was operating OK for some time, is now failing to connect.
There is insufficient evidence as to the cause. The error message is not helpful (screen shot).
I could not find any error codes in Event viewer at Application and service logs > Microsoft > Windows >
Remote assistance.
The connection is from a Vista premium laptop to a Windows 10 desktop.
Both computers are on a local network and are in a common Workgroup.
Ping from the remote to the host works.
Access to shared folders on the host from the remote works.
Remote access on the host computer is on.
I tried to connect with the firewall off - failed.
The RDP-Tcp port number in the registry is 3389
Netstat does not show port 3389 as listening. If this is the problem, How do I get it into a "Listening" state?
However, I think it is only needed if I am trying to remote access via the network and not via the local network.
The host pc name is Frankspc the user is Frank
The remote pc name is Charlottespc the user is Charlotte.
Any help to get the connection re-established will be much appreciated.
Frank C
Connect fail2.jpg


Vista Pro
To be clear...

Your screen shot shows you're trying to connect to Frankspc remote Win10 computer.

However, you said:
Client (controlling computer) is "Frankspc" (Vista);
Remote [or server] (computer being controlled) is "Charlottespc" (Win10).

So I assume you meant the client is Charlottespc (Vista) and remote is Frankspc (Win10)?

And all the settings you've checked would be on the Win10 system?
I think Win10 definitely has to be listening on 3389.
So wouldn't this be more of a Win10 question?

Sorry if I've got it backwards.

Frank C

Thanks Virtual6,
I want to access the Windows 10 desktop from the Vista laptop using remote desktop.
The failure that is shown in the screen shot is from the Vista Laptop.
That is why I posted on the Vista forum.
The logon credentials in the screen shot are for the Windows 10 desktop.
On port 3389, I will see if I can get it in a listening state.
Frank C


Vista Pro
The failure that is shown in the screen shot is from the Vista Laptop.
Yes, of course, I can see that.:)
The logon credentials in the screen shot are for the Windows 10 desktop.
Alright, Frankspc is the remote (host) your first post you had said Charlottespc was the remote (it's actually the client), that's what confused me.

The Google returns many, many results for a search like "port 3389 not listening", although not that many (yet) for Windows 10.
It sounds like you checked most of the required settings.
All I can add is that you need Windows 10 Pro or above to support Remote Desktop host; Home edition only supports client.
But you said your setup had been working previously?
Sometimes Windows updates break things, that can be a painful time-sucking experience to solve.

Frank C

Yes, I did confuse the terms host and client - sorry.
The problem may well be a microsoft update.
I did successfully use remote desktop from Charlottespc to Frankspc in the past.
I have been trying to work with Telnet from Charlottespc to Frankspc.
Again - port problems - port 23 is not available.
I don't want to spend more time on this. The remote desktop is not critical to me. I can simply walk over to the other computer.
Frank C