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Can anyone PLEASE help me? Somehow my files became "write protected" I was able to in the pass hook up my portable HD and drag and drop files with no problem, I go today to do the same thing.. and bam I get the pop that the file is protected and to remove it and try again.. I am lost. For 5 hrs I have googled and tried everything. I am on Vista, and use an usb cord to transfer to my ext hard-drive with ease, same as I do with my black berry just a simple drag and drop never had this problem, dont know why today.
Someone/anyone know how to turn it off?
Please and THANK you in advanced!

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Ashvin Busviah

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Right click on the hard drive icon or folder icon and go to security and give yourself "full control" you should be logged in on your computer as administrator or with administrator rights to perform this step..

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