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Replacing a Manifest File? SidebySide Errors?


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I've been getting messages that say "This application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect" for nearly all my programs. My Internet Explorer 64bit still works, as does notepad and a handful of other applications.

I spent the past few days researching how to fix this, and have tried several things to no avail-
- sfc/ scannow in the command prompt finds a corrupted file but can't fix it
- restoring my computer to a previous point, even several weeks back, has no effect.
- restarting my computer in safe mode and then trying sfc/ scannow didn't help. in fact, now my laptop is stuck in safe mode.
- I did a virus scan with TrendMicro, but just caught some spyware and low-threat items.
- Anything I download comes up with the sidebyside error when I try and install it.

Through the event log, I have located the problem manifest file. I'm at home right now and might be able to replace the corrupted/broken one with a working file from my family's home computer. My question is if I should go ahead with the procedure and see if it will work?

Here are my specs:
Dell Studio XPS 1340
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor p8600
Windows Vista Home Premium
Service Pack 1

My home computer is the same OS as this one.

This problem happened pretty much without warning- my laptop worked fine in the morning and then later that evening the problems began occuring. I did drive with it from Lubbock to San Antonio but I doubt that would have effected the software in any way, right?

My computer knowledge is fairly limited- suffice to say that any help would be greatly appreciated, with finals coming up and all.

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