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I recently upgraded from windows Vista Home to Windows 10. Before doing so I made a complete backup of my computer to an external hard drive using the windows backup utility (unfortunately I did not export my email from windows mail first). Now I'm trying to restore my email from the backup to windows 10.

On Vista I was just using the Windows mail client, not outlook. On windows 10 I'm using microsoft outlook.

When I made the backup it just created a bunch of folders numbered 1 to 665 so I had to search to find the folder that contained the emails. When I found them, the subfolder names were kept but each email inside the subfolder was represented by 2 files one of which had a funny extension on the end. Here is an example: 5FA22AA6-00000037.eml.%%%.OECustomProperty).

How do I restore these emails onto windows 10 mail client?

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