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I just had a quick question about dual monitors. I have vista home premium 64bit and am on a laptop. i hook up my laptop to my hdtv through a hdmi cable and i can get the dual monitor thing to work. When i am watching a movie, my laptop screen just sits on the desktop which is fine but I am worried about the screen possibly burning in if i keep watching movies. Is there a way i can put my laptop screen to sleep or on a screen saver without doing the same for the tv screen which is what the movie is playing on???? any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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You should be able to set your power settings so that only the monitor on your laptop turns off when you close the screen. Just make sure that your hard drives are set to keep spinning and that it doesn't go into sleep mode.

You could set these to be the settings when you are plugged into AC power.

"Power Options" are available under the control panel. You can change your monitor behaviors on the left side.

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You could always use your F+whatever number it is on your laptop button to only display on the secondary monitor.

Or, like was mentioned earlier, you can right-click on your power/battery icon and select "Power options" or something similar from the menu. Change the options to "do nothing" under the "When I close the lid" section.

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