Screen Resolution

How to Change the Screen Resolution in Vista
This will show you how to change the screen resolution in Vista with recommended settings based on the monitor size.
How to Change the Screen Resolution in Vista

information   Information
This will show you how to change the screen resolution in Vista with the recommended native settings based on the monitor size. The screen resolution setting determines how much information is displayed on the display screen. It is measured horizontally and vertically in pixels. At lower screen resolutions, such as 640 x 480, fewer items will fit on the screen, but they will be larger. At higher resolutions, such as 1600 x 1200, more items will fit on the screen but they will be smaller.
Note   Note
The resolution options will vary with each computer based on the video device, monitor size, and video & monitor drivers. If the screen looks distorted or fuzzy, then you may have an incorrect screen resolution size set for your monitor.

warning   Warning

  • Make sure your Color Depth (Colors) is set to 32 bits for the best picture. If it is set to 16, then the Windows Aero color scheme will look like the Windows Vista Basic one even though you have Windows Aero selected in color schemes.
  • Vista does not allow for each user to have their own screen resolution. Changing the Screen Resolution in one user account will change it for the computer and for all user accounts.
EXAMPLE: Usual Native Resolutions for LCD screen size
Always check you monitor documentation though to see what it says it's native resolution is. Some monitors may not always use the usual native resolutions below.

Monitor Size

Usual Native Resolution

14-15 inch


17-19 inch


20-23 inch


24 + inch


17-18 inch Widescreen


19 inch Widescreen


20-23 inch Widescreen


24-29 inch Widescreen

1920x1080 to 1920x1200

30 + inch Widescreen

1920x1080 to 2560x1600

Here's How:
1. Right click on a empty area of your desktop and click Personalize. (See screenshot below)​

2. Click on the Click to Play button in the video below.​

That's it,

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Shawn Brink



Has it always done this, or just recently? If just recently, you might see if a System Restore using a restore point dated before the problem started can help.

Check to make sure that you have the latest video and monitor drivers? You may need to uninstall them in Device Manager and reinstall them again in case they got corrupted.

Try different monitor type cables to see if you have a bad one. (EX: DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc...)

Hope this helps,
Does Vista Home Premium support different users having different Screen Resolutions? My friend just bought a new desktop and I created an account for both of their children. Each user is able to set their own desktop wallpapers, themes, etc without any problems. However as soon as the kids change the resolution it affects ALL the other users and of course their parents don't like having the resolution maxed out to 1900x1200 and of course their kids don't always remember to change it back to the default before logging out.

Appreciate any help on this subject. I tried searching google but only found references to 3rd party utilities for Windows XP.
I changed the screen resolution in Vista to something higher (My normal resolution is 1680 by 1050) and the screen turned black. Instead of waiting for it to turn back to normal, I paniced and shut down the computer.

When I turn on my computer, the monitor says:



"56.2kHz / 50Hz"

I've tried switching screen resolution in safe mode. (Didn't Work)

My Graphics Card is an ATi Radeon 4870 x2. (If that makes any difference)

In summary: I need to know how to change the screen resloution without seeing the screen.

Thanks in advance.
Hello JaxJesse1, and welcome to Vista Forums.

See if you can boot into the advance boot options screen and select the Enable Low Resolution Video (640 X 480) option to boot into. After startup, see if you can change the screen resolution then. If not, repeat the above and uninstall your video drivers, restart the computer, and reinstall the video drivers again. You should be able to change the screen resolution again.

Hope this helps,
Somehow my screen resolution got extremely decreased. Everything is so big, that i can't go into the system settings and change it. What can I do?
Hello Joebanjo, and welcome to Vista Forums.

It may be your DPI settings that got changed from the default 96 DPI to something higher.

Hope this helps,
when i have my tv hooked up though vga vista wont let me higher the resulution of that monitor more than 800x600 the laptop screen runs at 1280x800
the tv is 20inch
Hello Jay,

Does the TV support higher resolutions?

If so, can you connect the TV by any other type of connection? For example, HDMI.
that is the only port i have for connection on my laptop is vga i am not sure if i still have the instuctions for the tv
does seem to be all the tv can handle

It may be all that it can handle. What is the brand and model of the TV? Perhaps I can find a copy of the manual online at the manufacturer's website to see if there may be another option for you to use.
So I just upgraded my machine. I was running XP with a VGA out cable to my 37" LCD TV. It's running at 1366x728 and looks just fine at that resolution. I just bought a Dell with Vista that only has digital (HDMI/DVI) out. I used the HDMI to connect to my TV and I've tried every resolution available under properties, but it still doesn't look good. Can I create a custom size as 1366x728 is obviously the right size for my TV?

Hello Menoseficaz, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Sure, if it will let you use the resolution, it will be worth a try to see. Have you already tried the native resolution for your monitor?
Well, I just can't get it to let me use the resolution. There's no option on my vista machine for 1366x768. I believe that is my TV's native resolution which is why it takes on that size when I plug it into my VGA cable on my machine running XP.

So what I'm looking for is a way to have Vista's display properties let me set the resolution to 1366x768.

Does that make sense?

In Display Settings, click on the Advanced Settings button. Next, under the Adapter tab, click on List All Modes to see if there may be a 1366 by 768, True Color (32-bit) option to select.

Hope this helps,

my laptop is an Acer Aspire 6935g. On the official website, it said that my resolution could go up to 1920 x 1080. However, when i go to display settings, Vista only allows me to set the resolution up to 1366 by 768. How do i change it to my maximum settings? thanks


My dad and I share a laptop, and recently, his account started displaying at 800x600 resolution while my account sticks to our default resolution 1440x900. When I went in his settings to manually change the resolution, the screen would go black like it was loading the new resolution, then when it would come back to ask if I'd like to save the settings, it had already switched itself back to 800x600.

Last I checked, we didn't have any sort of software that lets us have two different resolutions.