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Screensaver timing.


Power User
Is it possible to set the time that a screen saver will display, at present mine only shows for a couple of seconds, then blank screen.?

Is it a registry setting.?

I know how to set the time limit for it to kick in.


To xor or not to xor
Vista Guru
Go to control panel>power settings and click "choose when to turn off the display". I think the default value is 20 minutes, so if your screen saver is set to come on at 20 minutes as well, you will only see it for a few seconds.
Try using the Vista Tutorials at top of page. Then go to the letter S and search for Screen savers and click that, I think you will find what your looking for.


Power User
Spot on Everlong.

Set Power option to 10 minutes, then set Screensaver to kick in after 1 minute, and Screen saver stayed on for 9 minutes.

So set Power at 30 mins
S/saver at 10 mins
S/saver stays on for 20 mins.