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searchProtection.exe - Fatal Application Exit


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Hi Im trying to clean my system, and whilst using CCleaner I got the following message box popping up. Can anyone help?

'searchProtection.exe - Fatal Application Exit
Unhandled Exception! Please report the log file:
C:\ProgramData\Search Protection\log1.txt'

C:\ProgramData\Search Protection\log1.txt =
SP[0.000] ENTER wWinMain
SP[0.003] Started: Fri Apr 19 11:05:47 2013
SP[0.003] 2013-1-31
SP[0.003] C:\ProgramData\Search Protection\SearchProtection.ini exists
SP[0.003] OS=Windows (TM) Vista Ultimate / 6.0 / 6002.18805.amd64fre.vistasp2_gdr.130308-1436 / x64
SP[0.004] ENTER CHiddenParentWnd::CHiddenParentWnd
SP[0.004] EXIT CHiddenParentWnd::CHiddenParentWnd
SP[0.009] ENTER CMainDlg::OnInitDialog
SP[0.011] GetAppData path: C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming
SP[0.011] homepageDomainToKeep:securesearch.lavasoft.com
SP[0.011] searchProvDomainToKeep:lavasoft.blekko.com
SP[0.021] firefox.exe is not running
SP[0.022] FF current homepage: Lavasoft SecureSearch
SP[0.022] FF homepage to protect:
SP[0.022] Lavasoft SecureSearch
SP[0.022] defaultenginename: Speedbit Search bRes1: 1
SP[0.023] selectedEngine: SecureSearch, bRes:1
SP[0.063] FF current search URL: http://lavasoft.blekko.com/ws/?source=f439e2c0&tbp=rbox&toolbarid=adawaretb&u=A77330D3B0712DADF38AEF517116CC2D&q={searchTerms}
SP[0.063] FF searchProvName and URL to protect:
SP[0.063] SecureSearch
SP[0.063] http://lavasoft.blekko.com/ws/?source=f439e2c0&tbp=rbox&toolbarid=adawaretb&u=A77330D3B0712DADF38AEF517116CC2D&q={searchTerms}
SP[0.072] iexplore.exe is not running
SP[0.072] IE current homepage: Lavasoft SecureSearch
SP[0.072] IE homepage to protect:
SP[0.072] Lavasoft SecureSearch
SP[0.073] IE current search URL: http://search.conduit.com/ResultsExt.aspx?q={searchTerms}&SearchSource=4&ctid=CT2481032
SP[0.073] IE searchProvName and URL to protect:
SP[0.075] Chrome is not running
SP[0.075] CH current homepage:
SP[0.075] CH homepage to protect:

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wither 3

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Everything seems to point to Ad-Aware. Perhaps you should try uninstalling/reinstalling (if you purposely use Ad-Aware). You might also try a System Restore to before when the problem started occuring.

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