Sec Update kb2803821 update screwed up my computer and need to restore

Grrrrrr..... Windows update kb2803821 really screwed everything up. Apparently messed up things with my registry. No info even shows up in system information. I keep trying to do system restore and it won't restore - I get transient error 0x800423F3. I try to restore via safe mode and same thing. I try to reboot via the Last Known good start and it doesn't work. I've been trying to find info on this but nothing seems to work. I HAVE TO GET THIS LOUSY UPDATE OFF MY COMPUTER and restore it to before it updated! How do I do this?


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If your stuff is saved, it is possible to bring you back to factory condition. What is make and model of computer?
Nah, not going to wipe it clean. I want to get rid of that corrupting windows update, though, and get my computer back to the way it was prior to the update a few days ago.


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Many people make system images to external drives every few days for just such an issue. Restore Points are fine when they work. But when they won't cooperate your options are very limited if you don't have backup images. There are excellent free ones available these days.

If it won't let you restore then I don't know how you can get back to the earlier condition without wiping with no backups.