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I want to disable automatic updates and UAC but each time i do Security Center gives me a problem. Now i don't want to hide notifications and icons but removing the check security center does regarding these 2 problems. A thing like turn off all messages regarding automatic updates and UAC of 7 for example. Thanks.


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Hello Be4stElectrjc, I can certainly understand why you want to disable automatic updates these days. Forum guru ilikefree has suggested setting the service to manual start ( I have not tested that because I use Microsoft Security Essentials, and automatic definition updates would probably be prevented also (whereas setting Windows Update to "never check for updates" does not interfere with definition updates). Anyway, right-clicking the red shield and selecting Exit once per logon does not bother me very much.

On the other hand, I would never think of disabling UAC, which is an important security feature of Vista. By far the safest way to operate, especially when browsing the internet, is to be logged in as a standard user with UAC turned on, and with your administrator account protected by a strong password. If you are determined to disable those warnings, I suppose you can search the forums as easily as I could.
Hi, my Windows Update service is set on manual start already because it takes too much CPU and RAM in relation to the sense of turning it on, looking the actual Vista's situation. "Never check for updates" it's selected too, since there is an update each month until 11 April 2017 i do it manually. No matter, the red shield with the warning appears anyway.
Here i read about disable these warnings from the desktop, but they stay in the security center as red.


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my Windows Update service is set on manual start already..."Never check for updates" it's selected too,
If I understand ilikefree's suggestion correctly, the "never check for updates" setting is not necessary if the service is set to manual start; and it is definitely that setting that triggers the warnings.
If i use automatic updates on security center it triggers the service to automatic (delayed load) that eats like a hog. From there you can temporarily set the service to manual (service not running) and still have green until the next boot where security center detects that service isn't on automatic (delayed load) and shows the red alert until you set it like it wants. The other 2 options for windows update are yellow, so not useful. The alert is set when you launch windows update, on boot or in OS, it checks the service status and depending on its behaviour its set the color.
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Sorry, it sounds like ilikefree's suggestion wasn't very good after all. Hopefully someone else will post a better suggestion.


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Security center is always going to show red if windows updates is disabled and yellow if it is set to alert only. It is green only if WU is set for automatic. I don't know if any other way around that. Personally I disable alerts through security center.
I elevated UAC, i think it's better, but the red shield was still there. So i patched wscsvc.dll to give always green relating Updates and UAC:)


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I have windows update service set to disabled
I don't use anti-virus and haven't for a few years now after reading about its real usefulness by security experts
I use Private Firewall ( a free two way firewall )
I manually scan with Malwarebytes every couple of days and haven't found anything for about a year, it turned out to be a pup not a virus
My security center is not really used and has red all over it but no warnings are given. I never use it or look at it


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