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hi all,
last night i sent an email to a friend with an attachment. this morning she emailed me saying she received the same emial over 100 times last night, and over 60 times today so far.

when i opened windows live mail (from my desktop quick launch) i noticed it took an inordinately long time to connect and retrieve email. then it seemed to stop responding when i clicked on my friend's email (mentioned above). finally, a window popped up stating live mail was having a problem and gave the error # 0x80191002. it suggested i look in the hotmail help area (spent an hour there with no success), so i finally came here.

right now i'm leery of opening my windows live mail from the desktop because it seems that everytime i do, my friend receives that email again and again and again. i've deleted it from my sent files both on the desktop and online, yet the problem still exists. every time i try to open WLM from the desktop it takes forever to connect, and once is does i find another 20 or 30 of that same email in my sent box.

my question is this: how can i get rid of that stupid email? LOL until i do, i'm unwilling to submit her to another 100 emails from me. i pray someone here can help me with this.

btw, i'm running vista, IE7, and as far as i know, the most current version of windows live mail. i have no viruses or malware, spyware that my kespersky antivirus software has found. i'm fresh out of ideas on how to break this loop that seems to go on and on and on.

thanks in advance,

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What actual service are you using for that e-mail address? Hotmail?
I’d suggest that you sign into your mail on the webmail site and see if you can delete the message. Try sending an e-mail, from that Hotmail web interface to another one of your e-mail addresses and see if the problem persists. If not, you might want to just try uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Live Mail.


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