Slow Context Menu Right Click & ROXIO


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After installing ROXIO Easy Media Creator 9 on Vista Ultimate, I discovered that obtaining a context menu by right-clicking took 10-20 seconds. This application comes with a number of "extra doodads", one being Drag-n-drop, which pops up an annoying big icon in the corner for you to drag-n-drop files onto a CD or DVD.
After removing this "cute" but useless to me piece of software, the Context Menu response was back to normal and nothing else in EMC 9 was affected.

If you have this problem and it is caused by some other application, I suggest obtaining the free application shexview.exe at NirSoft - freeware utilities: password recovery, system utilities, desktop utilities and selectively disabling all non-microsoft context menu items till the problem goes away. I did not find my problem this way, however.

Jim Hawkins

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