Slow File transfer - 0 bytes/sec


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Anyone else have this problem - or a solution?

I have 9 hard drives - 7 SATA and 2 IDE. When transferring RAW photo files from my working folder to an archive folder on another hard drive, I can only transfer 1 lots of files. When I try any transfer more nothing happens.

The dialgoue box comes up - saying moving items - but the speed is 0 bytes/sec.

Sometimes I just leave it to see what happens - today it ran for 1 hour and transferred no files. I was trying to transfer 142 RAW files (2.7gb).

Thinking it must be a SATA controller problem, I've put each hard drive on a different controller. Swapped hard drives around.

Strange thing is, I can transfer other files (from different hard drives) at the same time as I'm getting 0 bytes/sec - and they transfer ok.

The only way I'm able to transfer the files when I get this problem, is to shut down and reboot, then transfer (which goes ok). After that, I'm unable to transfer any more.

I'm running Vista 64 Ultimate with SP1 (fully up to date), the motherboard is a Gigabyte X48 Ds5 with a quad core Q9550.

Sorry this is so long, anyone have this problem or any ideas?

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