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I got a strange problem. When I try to transfer file from my Vista machine to Server 2008 Beta, speed is at about 45MB/s, but when I try to transfer files from Server 2008 Beta to my computer, speeds hang at about 10MB/s. :confused:

I got a gigabit network throughout my home and file transfer never seemed to be a problem. I admit it was a bit faster in XP on same hardware than in Vista, but I resolved that problem using some tutorials here. My network speed was always in region 40-50MB/s (outgoing and incoming).

However, my SATA 2 disks in my computer were transferring files from one to another in region 45-55MB/s. The computer I'm usually transfering files from has Server 2008 Beta installed on IDE disks. But my computer has SATA disks and in XP I had disk to disk transfers at 70MB/s. So I tried to fix that issue with Microsoft, but couldn't. Now I've done something that didn't end up speeding up
disk to disk transfer, but slowing down incoming network transfers :cry:

Now I got the same disk to disk transfer speeds, fast outgoing network transfers but slow incoming network transfers.

I checked QoS Bandwidth Reserve Limit which I was changing at some point, but I reverted it back to original settings. I also checked TCP/IP Auto Tuning and disabled it (as it was disabled before the slowdown).. I know I tried some tutorials from here :
namely speeding up menu pop out delays (now reverted back to default), speed up shutdown time,.. I don't know where I've gone wrong, but I can't get my network back to normal. If anyone has any idea or suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.


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One thing more. If I copy a file through network, the transfer is constant, but slow. If I watch something over the network, I get transfers like this (graph showing network time frame load):
If I watched something over the net I always got a linear network transfer, but now it's jumpy :( It doesn't affect watching the video, but I think it might help solve my problem.

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Hi HiroNakamura!

Hmm this kinda sounds like maybe the gigabite switch is not in full duplexe mode or the network card on vista machine/server is not in full duplexe mode. Hmm tough one here.


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