Slower performance after SP1.. please help!!!!!!!


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I installed SP1 last night with much expectation of faster boot times and all that I read about it, but it all happened opposite. Here is the comparison:

I tried copying 2.46GB and 4.21GB files before and after SP1, on same drive and across a partition. On an average, it takes about 30% more time now after SP1 is installed compared to before SP1.

Coming to startup/shutdown, Pre-SP1 windows used to shut down in about 14 seconds, now it takes 20+ seconds to do that. One time, it even took 38 seconds (oh crap).......... Startup used to be average 1 min 20 seconds, now after SP1, its 2 min 5 seconds. It used to take about 45 seconds before logon screen will show up, now it takes 55 seconds. From the logon screen, up until desktop was ready to use with all programs loaded and sidebar visible, used to take about 30 seconds, now it takes 1 min 10 seconds. On the whole, about 1 min more to startup and ready-to-go.

Restart time was about 1 min 30 seconds before SP1, now its about 2 min 30 seconds. Here too another 1 min. added to the restart times.

3dMark06 scores were same before and after.

With all of this, I am pretty ready to uninstall SP1, but I also know that there are far more people who have better results with SP1 than ones who experienced degraded performance. So in my case, should I try deleting some stuff somewhere, reinstall SP1, or uninstall it completely. I like vista, but after having a much snappier performance earlier, I cant bear with this slow vista experience. Please help..................

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Try the "speed up the performance of vista" from the Tutorial section of this forum. It is very simple and easy to follow. I hope this helps.

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