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when i download photos from my canon camera, they are all put in a folder that is named according to the DOWNLOAD DATE. i'd like the photos to go into folders that are named according to the SHOOTING DATES. this was the behavior of windows in the past and for some reason it changed.
can you tell me how to change this and to get the photos sorted according to the date they were taken?

can you also tell me how to number the photos continuously, instead of numbering from 1 on each new date? i'd like the photos from day one numbered 1 to 14, from day two 15 to 23, and so on.

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Hi tamirhoresh

I use the following free application to organize my images as part of my workflow.

cam2pc - Image Viewer and fully featured Digital Imaging software to Download, Organize, Modify and Share your photos

It has a down loader that should work with your camera and will allow much finer control than any of the manufacturers offerings. It will even re-name your existing structure to what you decide to go with

It can actually create folders and image filenames from the files own internal MetaData.

There is a Paid version but have found that the freeware does everything I need. :D

It is compatible with MS photo programs but actually contains a good set of display options so may even replace them

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