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Sound working, but earphones don't!


I have a problem, since I rebooted my computer, (I have windows vista) HP Computer / Since I rebooted, my sound works on the computer no problem, BUT the earphone jack doesn't work. Now, the computer sees the earphones, but it doesn't work, no sound comes-out of the earphones, I still hear the sound from the computer.

What can I do to solve this problem? I have tried everything, like I said, the computer read the earphones, but no sound comes-out, even if the earphones wouldn't work, the sound would be in the earphones but if broken, just wouldn't work. Now all the earphones I tried work, just no sound!

Can anyone help please? It's getting really annoying.


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Hi Mathieu19 and welcome to the forums :party:

I am assuming that you are referring to the front panel socket. Are you sure that you are actually plugging them into the correct socket? The socket you should be using is usually identified by a green ring, and when speakers/headphones/earphones are plugged into this socket then the other speakers on the system should be muted. The other socket, identified by a pink ring, is for a microphone. Another possibility, if you are using the correct socket, is that the socket isn't connected correctly internally - if this is the case you will need to refer to your manual for details on how to correct this. If you reply with the model number of your PC (fill in the appropriate section of your system specs), I should be able to look this information up for you.


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Sounds like it may be a driver issue - Did you install anything that required the reboot?

Check to see if the headphone sound level is on Mute...(apologies if that's too obvious )

Try both the front and back headphone socket...or the line out socket.

I had an iffy front panel connector which seemed very temperamental - probably a bad cable - it drove me nuts as it would cut out every now and then. I gave up on it and used the connection at the back.

report back

EDIT: What player are you using?

Try different types of formats - dvd , mp3, divx

or a different player
The volume is not on mute, everything seems to work just when I plug them in I hear the plugging sound in the earphones but the sound remains coming out from the speakers not the earphones. I bought my computer in December 2007 at BESTBUY.

I see a # on my computer box.

HP Pavilion a202n
Prod # GN696AA
S/N MXF74501WX
Hi, I got the same problem here on a few Hp units. I also read somewhere else people having the same problems with some Toshiba laptops.

- I've installed Vista Ultimate x64 (SP1) on 2 current Hp units and a Compaq (same computer different case).

- Plugging into the headphone jack with a cd playing (or any audio, using any audio software) the sound still plays out the laptop speakers but not through the headphones.

- Going into the "sound" control panel, it registers when you plug or unplug your headphones.

- With the headphones plugged in, you can actually test them by using the preview sound... THIS WORKS. I get a tone in the headphones! (with or without a Cd playing at the same time)

So the fact that the same problem occurs on 3 different laptops using the same operating system and that the headphone jack DOES work using sound preview, means it's gota be some kinda driver issue.... right?? (or a Hp/Vista compatibility issue)

I read somewhere about forcing an XP sound driver to work on Vista but that didn't work for me.

Anyone?? Seems a lot of people having the same problem.
Maybe I'll go backwards and try Home Basic...
thats exactly the problem, what can we do? I heard we could download a Driver on the web for it to work, but everything seems fine my computer works perfectly!
?? little confused? So your computer is working ok now, if so what did you do to fix!!

Otherwise, yes I'm sure there's a mystery driver out there somewhere that'll fix it, just gota find the f**ker!

Do you think running Vista on a 32bit machine as apposed to 64bit machine makes a difference? I wouldn't have thought so.

Gota be patch, a driver, a missing script line, something out there!
My computer always worked, its the sound that is supposed to come out from the earphones that doesnt. If I press the button TEST it WORKS! Otherwise, music nothing comes out of the earphones....
CHUI you were right! ive been having the exact same headphone problems with the sound relentlessly coming out of the laptop speakers but if you plug in your earphones first then right click on the volume icon in your tray go to playback devices > if your jack works correctly the headphones should show up and you apply them as your default > click ok then find your music double click to open your media player and the music should come out of only the earphones
I have been searching this for a while, trying to find someone who was having the same problem... I have a Toshiba with the same problem...

If you plug the earphones in and restart whichever program you are trying to hear sound from(while they are still plugged in) you can hear things from the earphones(at least on my computer)... Though once you unplug the earphones, you wont hear anything from your main speakers until you restart the program again.

This is a major annoyance to me since i use USB speakers at home, and every time i unplug them I need to restart all programs that i want to hear from... I'm not sure when this problem started first so I cannot trace the problem back and uninstall any drivers

Any help would be appreciated
Hi there, i fixed this exact problem on my computer, headphones appeared to work properly in playback devices panel and even test worked, but still no music :

I don't know if this is what did it exactly but it did start working,
Plug in the headphones (mine was into the front panel) and open the sounds control panel for playback devices, right click on the headphones and select them as the default playback device (the speakers will reset to default when you unplug headphones). Now heres where it gets fuzzy I'm afraid; because my headphones didnt work right away but did after a restart.

hope this helps :)
Wierd but this is how I got my earphones jack on my dell studio to work. Unplug the external speaker from the green jack in the back. Plug in the headphones in the front.
Voila, it now recognizes the headphones and it works. when the external dell speaker is plugged in to the green sound in the back, even if I shut the speakers off, no sound goes to the headphone jack in the front. The computer recognizes both devices but can only send sound to the external speakers when plugged in.
chui nailed it!!! You have to right click your speaker icon and choose playback devices. Then set the headphones to default, then start the program you want to hear. If the program is already open it will not work. Thanks Chui.
Dis anyone figure out how to fix this problem.I have the same problem,and the only way My earphones will work is if I make them the default sound.