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SP1 has ruined my computer...

I have spent the last 2 days on the line with Microsoft experts. They tell me that I cant uninstall SP1. Since the automatic update for SP1 my computer just freezes. Whatever program is running says (not responding) and I cant Cntrl Alt Delete or anything. I end up having to cut the computer off and restart. Am I stuck with this, the worst update ever?
I did all that. In fact, I had the microsoft guy on the other side of the world do that via easy help or some such program they have. Nothing works. I have no other DVD of Vista. Is there no patch or would SP2 fix anything?


Staff member
Well, how did Vista get installed on your computer?

If you have a OEM computer, then you can restore Vista back to factory conditions with the D: Recovery Partition. Just let me know what brand of computer you have, and I'll see if I may be able to find instructions on how to do so at your computer manufacturer's website for you.

Be sure to back up anything that you do not want to lose though.