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Solved Speakers Out

I have just lost the 2.5 speakers out of the blue!! This happened once before and did I log the fix Nooooo:sarc: Tried downloading latest Realtek drivers... no luck. Checked manager for levels... fine. Plugged, unplugged... ahhhh! I hear sound when I go onto headset in front jack (only one jack plug in back being used.)

Oddly, this occurred after I became an IMesh user... the last time I went to IMesh it highjacked my media and wouldn't let go... so I uninstalled it but now I get a missing app when I try to "play" a CD direct from the E drive.:confused:

All suggestions appreciated and will be tried!


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My software tells me that Imesh is not considered a safe site. That is all I know because Im not going in
May I suggest a clean boot to diagnose and if that does not work a system restore.
Also try this

Right click on the Speaker icon, select Playback Devices, right click and select both Show Disabled Devices and
Highlight speakers and press set default. Use Properties to set up speakers.
Rich: the system restore did the trick! speakers are back up and now I can finish that vid with music!
BTW I have Norton 360 and they usually warn about certain unsafe sites... don't remember getting the warning for IMesh... but definitely staying away from it.


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Hi kate from NY.
Glad that I was here for you. Have a Happy New Year and enjoy the music during the festivites.
I dont know where in NY, but I spent my firt 40 years in the Bronx part of NYC>
Rich... what my Norton does is when I touch (without clicking) it shows the IMesh as a "Safe Site" with no reports against it... even "Annoyance" ... guess I can't trust that anymore.
I used to be an Upper Westsider in NYC; I am now in the Catskills!