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Hi All,

Though I am a newbie to the forums - I'm no newbie to windows or tinkering with it. I have a specific quesion regarding the way Vista displays items in a folder and folder settings. Is there a way to have vista to always display items in a folder grouped by file type as opposed to viewing by name EVEN if the folder is brand new OR if you've never viewed inside of the folder (i.e. just created and placed items in it)?

For example - I want the following to be my default for every time a folder is created (and subsequently viewed)

Columns shown (in this order)
Name, size, Date Modified, Type, Tags

Grouped by type

Shown in Detail View

I also want for the window size to default to a size that I set based upon an existing window (I like for my windows to be wide and not the narrow/small default size that vista gives). And i want for the column sizes to be the default for what I customize.

Is there a regisitry change I have to make in order for these settings to be the default and not something that I have to customize for each and every folder and window (trust me this gets annoying after the 3rd window).

I've read through some of the Folder View tutorials in this forum and didn't see anything that would resolve my issue. I didn't have this issue in Windows XP. Once I customized a folder and window the way I wanted it to - once I 'told' windows to apply to all folders - it did just that. Any tips would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hello roa78 and welcome to the forums.

I am sure that there is a way to set this (might only be in the registry though...). I just don't know what it is off the top of my head. I will have to look it up later. I might suggest looking on the internet, as sometimes you can find stuff.


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