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Solved Start Menu and Taskbar disappeared!!!!!

My Start Menu and Taskbar disappeared!!!! Even the start button on my keyboard doesn't do anything. I can't even go in to the control panel and pull up the start menu settings. Anyone have this problem? I see posting regarding lack of functionality but mine doesn't even exist!



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It could be many things (Malware included) but what we need to know first is what happens when you press CTRL + ALT + DELETE


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And in task manager do you see an instance of explorer.exe running? If so, kill it - then go to New --> task and type explorer.exe


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Then Control Panel is causing your explorer process (which is what is used to display your desktop) to crash. Now you need to figure out why that is happening.

Run (from a CMD window) SFC /SCANNOW and see if it finds corrupted system files.
Its telling me i must be an administrator running a console in order to use the sfc utility
but im in the only account in my computer
windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them details are included in the CBS.Log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. then it gives me an example


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OK, then before going to a virus search, try this:
Go to the Display Properties, then select the second monitor, disable it (the way to do it depends of your gc). The secondary monitor must be faded.
Then apply.
This could happen if the task bar was dedicated to a second monitor????

If doesn't work, attach a hijackthis log at next post.
I was having the same issue and was going crazy, but i might have found the solution accidentally. try the following:

1. right click on the desktop and choose personalize
2. click on display settings
3. choose advanced settings
4. choose monitor and change the sceen refresh rate to one of the other settings and choose apply
5. got mine working

let me know


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ok this is the log
Yes, you are really infected, let me study your log and i'll come back.
The problem being today that i'll be away till 4.00 PM ECT time

First, it appears that you do not have any AV/Firewall running on your system!

Run an online scan for malwares here: http://www.eset.com/onlinescan/
Install a good antivirus (nod 32 is a good one, for free software, have a look in the software section)

Update defender and run a scan.
Clean all your temp files (windows+Internet) and Registry with, for example, Crap Cleaner: http://www.ccleaner.com/

Come back with a new hijackthis log.

Forgot: Disable/remove all Internet explorer/Firefox addons (like bars, etc...)
Internet options/manage addons
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my start menu despaired too
i tryed to open taskbar menu, new task, then i inputed explorer and it opened then my documents ......
only start menu despaired, not whole toolbar