Start up problems after power outage


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I've got a very odd problem, I'm not even sure if I'm posting in the right place since I don't know whats going on. I don't really know that much about computers, but I will try to describe as best as I can.

A few days ago there was a power outage which shut off my desktop. Once it turned back on the start up was very slow and I got a message saying it couldn't start and I needed to do the "startup repair". I let it run but it took hours; eventually I kept it running all night and the next day it was still running. I did a hard shut down and left my computer unplugged for a few minutes and tried to start it again but I got the same message.

I have tried the "startup repair" several times but it just loops and never ends after hours. I can get my computer to start normally but it takes 15 minutes or so, and when its finally booted up everything is large (like safe mode) and it runs too slowly for me to do anything. I tried to restore it to a week previous, but it did nothing. I've spoken with Microsoft and they said I needed the Windows Vista disc to do anything but I do not have that disc.

tldr; My computer boots up very slowly, and once its finally finished everything is very large and runs too slowly to operate. It has been like this for days and at this point I have no clue what to do or what the problem might be.

here are the details of my computer

HP Pavilion Elite m9357c
Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit

Please let me know if you can identify the problem, and if it is something I can fix easily.

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