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StartUpMenu blank/rightclick-new blank? Help! :(


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Hi there,

I've recently had some issues with my Vista OS, I have home premium and have installed SP2. It's easier if I give a quick bit of background as it may help explain the problem.

Basically today it started freezing on the 'welcome screen' after boot up, after i'd entered my password for my account, for some reason it wouldnt load the desktop and just froze. I restarted a few times and got it to work, then deleted my password and other accounts so now it seems to go through to the desktop ok.

Trouble is something seems to have happened - my desktop was reset to default, all the factory settings seem to have been reset and although the programs and documents were still there my file associations and preferences were completely reset.

Now the left panel on the startup menu is completely blank and I can't drag any pins on to it, despite the requisite properties boxes being ticked. Recent items is blank too. Also when I right click on the desktop and go down to 'new', it is 'empty'. No 'new folder, new txt document' etc.

Has anyone got any ideas how I can fix this or have any idea what might have happened to my OS?

Thanks very much in advance

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