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Still Annoying- Delete/Rename

I have tried to find tweaks, emailed Microsoft about this, for YEARS.... but no luck

Maybe there is a power user here, who Microsoft will pay attention to, that can help.

I am SO SICK of right clicking a file, to "rename it"...and with one slip of the mouse it is DELETED... its the same in every OS release.

Why can't Micro-Boss, separate the DELETE and RENAME further apart ???


Create Shortcut
(in the right click menu)

Heck maybe even separate the two entirely in different "sections" of the right click menu.

It seems like such an easy fix, but as is, can spell disaster quickly, for someone that has turned off his trash can...... but even if someone who has the trash can active,... they really doesn't like dumpster diving, because they clicked DELETE, instead of RENAME, by mistake. ( or a crapy mouse )

If Win 7 is spose to reflect the voice of the people, my plea's have gone un-noticed.


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Try highlighting the filename and pressing F2. Works for me.

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Yep, that works great (always has), but still doesn't fix the problem, of these two VASTLY different functions being so close together in the right click menu, where a mistake can easily be made.

To be realistic, most users don't use any keyboard shortcuts, and very few these days even have a clue what the underlined letters in a pop-up menu , even mean. The modern days Windoze users that buy computers by the millions for the first time, only know "point and click" operations.

The two functions, so close together, is only an accident waiting to happen. It needs to be fixed, once and for all.

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