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Okay guys, I had something strange happen to my laptop. My Gateway laptop has Vista Home Premium OS. I started my laptop and the login window came on as usual. I put in my password like I have for months with caps lock off and entered the correct password. It responded with the computer not recognizing the password. I tried to enter into Bios and change the password in Bios and still I was not able to login. So, obviously there was some kind of problem. I tried using Hirens 12 to change the password to no avail. So, just sitting around I thought of using my Avanquest Professional Utilities 11 rescue disc. The rescue disc worked. I was able to delete the old or changed password to login. The first thing I noticed was that the security icon had changed in the bottom task bar in the lower right part of the screen. It was red and said I needed to check the security settings. Well, the antivirus was no longer there nor was the firewall. Second, I went to use the recovery system built in Vista OS and noticed I was not able to access the recovery system to go back to a previous time or do a complete recovery. So, now I am sitting here with a laptop that does not have security or a recovery system. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice to get my laptop back to working order. Everything else seems to work just fine. Thanks in advance for help.

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Well the easy thing to do is see if you can download Microsoft Security Essentials from the MS website
The second thing to do is make a backup of your HD with Macrium Reflect and you will be all set.

YOu can also try to quickly fix the problem.Run a SFC scan.
Go to event viewer and look for errors that may have caused the problem
Then because of the nature I would make an antivirus scan first thing.
You can use the online free scan of house call
I would, also try and see if a system restore from before the problem does any good.

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