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Stretched screen - help!

I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, about a week ago my screen on my 6 month old laptop started looking stretched horizontally, I swear I didn't change any settings and have looked at the DPI and resolution to see whether that helps. Everything just looks wider and slightly out of focus, I'd really love it to be back to normal!

Can anyone help me?

Thanks loads! :)


Thanks for getting back to me, I've checked these, its at 32 bit and I've had a go with all the settings I can find, still stretched!

Any more suggestions?


Mine does this every now and then (an HP Pavilion running Vista Home Premium 32 bit) and I have to reset it every time, or restart the machine. It's most often happening when I let the machine go to sleep for a while, then it wakes up with stretched, fuzzy text.
OK PEOPLE, HERE'S THE SOLUTION!... This is strange, I've come across many computer problems lately that seem to be widespread, and when I search google there's never a good solution. Then within minutes I figure out what the problem is, I must be a PC whisperer or somethin. Anyway, right click on you desktop, go to personalize, then display settings, THEN... go to your advanced settings, here you should see a tab for whatever graphics card you have, mine is a Geforce Tab, click on your video cards tab, then start the control panel, mine is an Nvidia Control panel, this will take a second, then select the display category in your control panel, then select display configuration, THEN SELECT USE ONLY ONE DISPLAY, this was the problem for me. The screen went back to normal and the clock went from oval to circle. That should be it, no more having to restart.
Just had this problem and none of the above responses worked.
Here's what did it for me: Go in to your control panel and select 'Device Manager'. I noticed that in the device manager, my graphics display (in my case it was a 'standard VGA display') had stopped working. Select the driver in question and reinstall it. Once this completes, it will ask you to restart the computer. Once this is done, you will hopefully have your screen back to normal.
Good luck!