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Stuck in Safe Mode and I have tried everything!

I am stuck in safe mode and have tried everything that the WIndows Vista Help and Support section recommends: F8 (normal mode, safe mode with netwroking etc), I have scanned and checked for virus, everything! Very frustrated, my husband thinks it could have happened after her tried to install something but he is not sure, I am pretty sure that whatever it was he tried to install was what did it as my son and I had not used the computer the day it got stuck in safe mode. He is not sure the name of what it was either.
What else can I try?


Vista Pro
I'm not 100% sure on this 1 but a little research found me this

while you're booted in safe mode, bring up the task manager (ctrl+alt+del)
select file->new task (run) and type in
check normal mode and OK. restart the PC

I have attached the config screen from my system for you to see(i did not do this in safe mode)
Thanks ripbox, your suggestion worked! I did have to go to one other tab and check another box but other then that your instructions worked.