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Sudenly slow internet only on One computer

Hey everyone!

Long story so I'll try to be brief with lots of info lol.

I have 2 computers. One is custom made by a friend, dual core processors (AMD) at 2.0ghz each, 4gb of RAM, basic video card g-force but not sure how high quality (I know it's worse than my other computer) and has 3 dvd drives. The other computer is a dell computer: dual core (intel) at 1.80ghz, about 2gb of RAM, and a great video card (intel), 1 dvd drive.

Now, the dell computer had been always faster at everything. I finally realized it was due to the video card not being able to support all the graphics of vista on custom computer so I went in and edited the advanced display/visual function properties or whatever it's called where you can select to display or not display certain visual operations like that transparency look, showing contents of a window while you're moving it, shading behind the mouse pointer, etc. I disabled most of them and suddenly the computer started working faster. Yay for me! Before I figured this out, the computer was constantly crashing. I thought fixing those settings would help, but it didn't, not really. So I ended up uninstalling everythign that was recently installed and then re-installing only the programs I needed. This seemed to do the trick since it's been 2 days and it hasn't crashed (used to crash/freeze at least once or twice a day).

But my problem now is that the internet on custom computer is suddenly....really....r e a l l y..... S L O W!

The dell computer is still fast as hell. I have rogers (we're in canada)... not sure what the level is called but it's the 60GB bandwidth one.
So.... anybody know why the internet could be slow?

No viruses (scanned twice with ESET NOD32).

Any ideas??
Just found the answer to my own question on another forum (sorry guys! I was desperate!)

Here's my response...


I've been spending the last 3 days fixing up my custom made computer which was running slower than my dell computer even though all the specs are better (4GB RAM compared to 2GB, dual core amd 2.0GHz compared to dual core intel 1.80GHz, both vista). Although the video card on the dell computer was better, I increased the speed of this one by going into system properties>advanced system settings>performance settings and then customizing the settings to make the performance more important than appearance but deselecting almost everything (which basically just makes vista look nicer but that the video card has a hard time processing because it's not as great as the other computer). Once I did that and uninstalled a bunch of the new programs I had installed recently and reinstalled only the ones I needed, the computer sped up and stopped crashing... unfortunately, my internet was SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW as hell all of a sudden.

I did a whole bunch of stuff... ran 3 virus checks with ESET NOD32... ran Ccleaner, defragmented the hard drive, cleaned up registry, clicked repair internet connection, updated the network driver (which it said was already up to date) and nothing worked.... UNTIL I RAN THE COMMAND PROMPT!!!!!!!!


So here is the thread to the forum in case anybody else is having the same trouble I had...

Solved: Internet browser stops working regularly - Tech Support Guy Forums
you could try upingn the connections in IE you can use either the toturial here
by checking the toturial pages or try a program called auslogics boost speed