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Switch audio output device automatically between HDMI and speakers

Dear all,

I found this forum by intensive googling for an answer to this question. As I found nothing, I hope I can get smarter by simply asking you all, thank you for reading!

I have a laptop (Dell XPS M1330) running Vista Home Premium 32bit featuring an HDMI port and, as far as I can see, a soundcard called SigmaTel High Definition Audio. I regularly watch videos on my LCD TV using HDMI and I am constantly annoyed by the fact that the audio output doesn't automatically switch over to HDMI when the cable is connected (or vice versa when the cable is disconnected). One would expect it to do so as this is how it generally works when f.ex. headphones are connected and indeed, on my laptop, the audio switches from speakers to headphones automatically without any problems.

My solution to the problem is to manually change the default output device to HDMI and then restarting the media player. I cannot see why this operation cannot be automatic, and therefore I ask of you all if there is any way to accomplish an automatic switch from speakers to HDMI when an HDMI cable is connected.

Yes. I have a 64 bit system that also has an HDMI plug that I have hooked to my Sony TV. It works perfectly and switches off automatically when my TV is not in HD mode ( this is the output title only ). However, I have tried to hook the speakers that came with this Acer 64 bit Vista and it tells me " No Audio Output Device is Installed ". I have reverted back to the monitor that has a built in set of speakers with a separate plug for them, and they still don't work either. I would have to think there is an answer somewhere. We cannot be the only two people wanting our PC's to pull double duty.

A little help ?:rolleyes:
Great! Well not Great. I also have the same problem as you, (bear with me), I conected my computer up to my LG 42" with both vision and sound cabel, draged a film across to my TV and great Lovely picture lovely sound. This was ok untill I had to format the computer because of a nother reason, but now I get a good picture, but only the films back ground sound and not any people talking, well you do but its very quiet I've tied new drivers (that just messes every thing els up) I've even tied the HMDI, what some one surjesded but my compuer doee not reconise it so I can not do any thing there. please is thier any body out there who can HELP . I will now try this Vista Audio Changer. But the way things are going dont hold your breath.
I've written an app that does much the same thing as Vista Audio Changer. It can be found here: Coastal Audio Changer. It works in windows 7, vista and i think XP.

Much the same can be done with autohotkey scripts and vbs scripts but hopefully my app is a little easier to use for some.


Danny :)
Vista Guru
Have you guys tried updating the audio drivers?
You said you had to format the laptop so maybe the factory drivers have been lost.

If you need any help updating them, just post a reply back!

Hope this helps,
Daniel =)
I don't think anyone or any software is addressing the actual issue here.

This is not a question which is asking how to change the default audio device - there is a tool built into Windows Vista that will allow you to change the default audio device - it's in control panel, and its labeled "Sound".

This question IS about how to change the default audio device "ON THE FLY!". Meaning, I'm playing a game listening through my TV, but I want to switch to headphones without exiting and restarting the game.

The only and best solution I found so far was to go to Best Buy or something similar, and purchase an Audio Output Selector box. The one I got is from sony and it has 4 buttons on it - any or all of which can be toggled together. Basically, it lets you hook an audio source (Your Computer) up to 4 different outputs (TV, Headphones, Recorder, etc) and switch any or all of them on at a time. Cost me $20.