Synching a Windows Mobile Phone to Outlook 2007


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I am running a Windows Vista Ultimate 64 system, and I just upgraded my cell phone to an HTC Pure (Win Mobile 6.1) from AT&T to replace my AT&T Tilt (Win Mobile 6.0). The Tilt was synching just fine with my PC.

I deleted the old pairing in Vista and the new phone shows up and I set up the configuration to load my Outlook 2007 Contacts, Calendar and Notes. I hit synch, and I get all of the appropriate messages, but NOTHING shows up on my new phone . . . yet I get a message that synchronization was successful. As far as I can tell -- every setting is correct on both devices.

The Tilt was transferred from an older PC running XPPro. Does anybody think the answer might be going to the older PC and doing the first synchronization there first?

I have found several instances of similar problems with various makes and models of mobile phones and the last two or three iterations of Windows Mobile, but I cannot find a single answer where the person with the problem hasn't come back and posted the problem recurred after finding what they thought was "the answer."

Thanks for ideas.

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