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System will not restore from disc, help.

I turned on my pc earlier today once it booted it was froze on a blue screen 1st instinct was so reset and reboot. once I did that I got the windows was shut down incorrectly would I like to run in safe mode or normal I selected safe mode and now the system just kept looping back to this same page after rebooting, regardless which option I selected. At this point I deceided to get the restore cd and try to restore (since this pc is only 2 weeks old I don't care to lose data to start clean from scratch). When I try to boot from cd I get the blue screen error again. it seemd like every time I try It again I get a differend blue screen error. So far I have got.

Page fault in nonpaged area
memory managment

I also wanted to add that I purchased the pc and did some upgrades I aded a radeon 5450 hd video card and a asus bluray player. once this started hapening and it worked fine for 2 weeks I removed both of the upgrades and returned machine back to stock to see if it was any of that hardware that was causing the issue but that didn't help either.

Is there anyway to just wipe this thing and start over from scratch ?

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I kept cracking at it and finaly I was able to get things up and runing again. What I did was removed 1 of the RAM sticks, booted up and windows automatically started correcting a bunch of errors and then re booted automatically. Once it was completely booted everything was fine. I then shut it down, installed the same ram stick I had removed, rebooted and everything worked perfect. As a precauetion I am still going to re install windows. Hope this helps anyone with this issue


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Apparently your stick was not seated correctly.

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Now that you mentioned it, I think you hit the nail right on the head because I noticed that the stick did require a little extra effort to get it to seat properly when I put it back in I actually removed it and re installed it one more time because it didn't feel right the first time.

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