Talk about hot...

I was using the Dv7 doing 3D modeling with 2 models at the same time on my screen. I checked the temps at the time....87 Degrees Celegrade!!! I was like no way this is happening. I am assuming that this is bad...but does anyone have any suggestions on how to possibly cool this down or is it acceptable at times to have this happen when I am modeling? I need to get some canned air to clean it out some so that may make a difference.

Thanks in advance.
I have tried looking at stores and I am yet to find a cooler for a 17" laptop. They are usually the size for 14.1" laptops and mine is just way to big for one of those.


Hi Blackhawk7188,
I flog a similar HP laptop to yours.
I have mine raised at the back to allow for better air circulation.
Have you turned your laptop over to clear the grot away from the air intake area?
I use Core Temp x64 Edition. And I just cleaned it out last night, now it just comes down to when I need to model next time.