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The old damn 80070490 error

Hi Guys,

I´m receiving this annoying error every time I try to perform updates in my installation.

I have a Sony Vaio with Vista Ultimate 64 pt-br SP2 pre-installed, and have NO VISTA INSTALLATION DISK ( :mad: ), only a recovery partition.

I´ve reading all foruns, tips, news and tricks to fix this problem and until now none worked.

I even tried to do an upgrade with another windows vista ultimate 64 (original) I have, but the "upgrade" option is greyed because the vista package I am trying to install has a different language than the one installed in my system. Applied en-us language pack and same greyed upgrade option.

I am almost buying a Win7 box, but I´d like to try more before that.

Can some expert here help me ?
Hello, Brink. Thanks for you quick reply.

In fact, I already tried that (after clone my entire HD into another with easeus) . No luck :(