The rpc server is unavailable


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network and sharing center is open, click on sharing and discovery, click "turn on sharing so anyone withnetwork access can open, change, and create files" is checked
attempt to hit apply and get "the rpc server is unavailable....
have done all usual trouble shooting, essentially metaphorically my computer network has no walls as if im in the desert, but i cant go left right forward or backward as no computers or anything are visable on my vista machine. all other 16 networked computers, laptops, ps3's and xbox 360's can see each other and the such. i even have a fedora laptop networked to my 360 for media center... there is no 3rd pty software on my vista problem comuter and the firewall is completely off and still issue continues. i saw in some other posts that ppl were suggesting turning on printer sharing. i can not as i have no printer networked or connected to this computer, its just grayed out.

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